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Dave Neff is a young, passionate DJ and aspiring producer in the electronic music scene.

  • age 0-15


    Already at a young age, he discovered he had a certain flair for music and began taking piano lessons

  • age 15-16


    The ‘DJ fever’ caught him at age 15, when he saw his good friends BU BI and DJ Zed putting on music. It wasn’t long before he bought his own DJ controller and began to DJ at home for himself or at his friends’ parties. Soon, he would join DJ Zed and BU BI ‘to rock the house’ together with them.

  • AGE 16-18


    At age 16, he had the opportunity to put his skills to the test at the Löwen Lounge in Niederglatt ZH, his hometown. It didn’t take long and he became a resident DJ at the Lounge together with his good friend DJ CASA. More and more jobs came his way and soon he was performing regularly at various lounges.

  • Age 18


    Two years later, he dared the leap into the club world at the Floor Club in Kloten. His choice of music was a hit in the club scene as well, and he began putting on music in the club regularly. Since then things have progressed smoothly and he has expanded to DJ’ing at various other clubs and bars.

  • AGE 20


    In 2013, he discovered ‚Tropical House‘ for himself and started playing the music genre more and more in various bars and clubs. To his great surprise, he didn’t seem to be the only one who had taken a liking to the genre. Tropical is growing in popularity in Switzerland, not least thanks to the warm summer feeling it conveys. Today, Dave Neff is 20 years old and knows how to use his experiences and broad music repertoire to adapt to his audience and to ensure no guest ever gets bored.

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